Saturday, December 7, 2013

Awesome karate news!

I have some exciting news on the karate front. Last weekend my 11 year old son graded for his first dan rank, one level above black belt. In our association, the gradings are quite long and hard, which they should be to attain such a high level. They start by doing a 5 hour session on Friday night, which is a lockdown type session - you drop your kids off and you can't stay to watch, they will be released when they are finished. Of course your mind starts to imagine all kinds of things the longer you wait and it's a sense of relief - on child and parents part - when you pick them up unscathed. However, DS was a little scathed. He almost passed out during one part and was checked over by a physio (he hurt his neck during a headlock type manoeuvre) and was able to continue on after resting a while.

Then they go back the next morning for 1 1/2 to 2 hours before a lunch break, and back into it for a couple more hours, followed by a presentation. As DS already has a black belt, he was given a "hakama" - a floor length pair of black wide leg pants that look like a skirt, and requires a degree in engineering to put on. He also received a new certificate which is hanging proudly next to his black belt certificate above his bed. Next step? 2nd dan in 2 years time if he is ready, willing and able.

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