Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fabric stash :-)

Just a little stash purchase this time:

This pretty piece of fabric came from fellow Aussie Dyah Baiton - I came to know about her fabric through a facebook group she is a part of. She has her own facebook page where she sells her fabric, although I think it's a bit of a hobby more so than a business. As far as I'm aware, she doesn't have a store but will do a big dying session every so often then offer her fabric up for sale, or in this case a type of auction. It seems a few dyers do this - they will post pics of each piece with details, including price. If you are interested in going into a draw to win it, you just make a post indicating such below the picture. At the end of the sale period the dyer will choose a random winner to purchase the piece. You can add your name to as many or as few pieces as you like and if you happen to win a heap, you have the option of saying no to any/all and then she will do a redraw. I think I put my name down for a few, but this was my favourite and I happened to win the draw! I paid $12 plus $2 postage for it - very reasonable for a piece this big being shipped from an Aussie as we pay a fair bit more to get supplies here. Definitely check her out - I don't think you'll be disappointed!
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sharine said...

She has awesome fabric. Love your one:)