Thursday, August 1, 2013

My final hand towel is done

with 4 days to spare! I'm not really happy with this one for a few reasons. I think it needed to be a little deeper to fully fit the cross stitch area and I think it looks too chunky. I started doing it with 2 strands but that didn't give good coverage so I changed to 4 and now I think that's too much. Oh well, it's done now. Being that it's a gift, my taste doesn't really come into it. What I like, they may hate, and vice versa.
Here it is:

* Name of the design is, well, I don't think it has one
* Chart is a freebie from my aunt's attic, but the website seems to have disappeared. I did manage to find it on this website though
* Fabric is a dusty pink pre-finished hand towel
* Thread is 4 strands of black DMC cotton
* Stitch count is 27 x however long the towel it
* Started on July 23rd 2013
* Completed on July 30th 2013

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1 comment:

Laura said...

I think it turned out very pretty! I am sure the recipient will love it.