Monday, July 15, 2013

Birds, Bees & Butterflies exchange

A while back I joined a secret exchange - meaning the person I sent to didn't know who I was, and the person who sent to me was someone different. The theme was "birds, bees and butterflies" - we had to send one stitched item and 6 other things, a mix of cross stitch and general items on theme if possible. I had trouble finding things with birds on them - my partner really likes birds - and things in blue or autumnal shades - her favourites. I did however seem to find some things pertaining to the theme.

Here's what I stitched for the exchange. I could easily have stitched a butterfly, as I love them and there's so many pretty patterns around, but I chose to incorporate all three creatures. This pattern is a "cut & paste" mix of 4 different ones - a series of 3 from an old copy of "Cross Stitch Crazy" magazine, and a flower I found *somewhere* which I tweaked a little. Here's the end result:

Here's a pic of all the other bits and pieces I sent:
I included some gold plated needles, 2 skiens of variegated thread in autumn colours, a bird/autumn chart, some bee embellishments, butterfly ribbon, butterfly notepad, butterfly stickers, butterfly cake decorations, an owl pendant & some writing paper & envelopes featuring birds.
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