Thursday, June 14, 2012

All Quiet On The Blogging Front

Up until recently I have been super busy, so much so that it feels like I've been taking one step forward, two steps back. Many things have been brushed to the side, blogging included. However, things have slowed down a little and I can now share some karate news. As you may know, my son missed the compulsory tournament for state team selection due to illness. Not the best start to the year! However, he has since entered 3 tournaments and done incredibly well in them all.

The first one had a massive 21 in kata and 18 in kumite. He did really well in kata, taking out 2nd place. The boy who won is stronger, in fact I don't think DS has ever gotten a flag against him. Kumite was not so great,  just losing out first round.

The second tournament was interesting because it was girls and boys for kata, and the boy who won the prior tournament wasn't there. There was also a $50 cash prize on the line as well as a medal, so extra incentive. DS took on the challenge and won! Kumite he came up against the finalist in the first round and lost, he is a year older, very strong and a state team member.

The final tournament was interesting for different reasons. The boy who beat DS at the first tournament was there again, and on the same side of the draw as DS in kata, meaning only one of them could make the final. They met in the 3rd round, and much to his surprise, DS won 2 flags to 1!! I think he is still on cloud nine :-). He went on to win again, against the same boy as the last tournament. This was the same boy he met first round in kumite last time, and surprise, surprise, they came up against each other first round in kumite again. That boy went on to win the tournament.

All 3 tournaments were 10 & 11 year olds combined for both kata and kumite, where as the major tournaments are single age for kumite. In all 3 tournaments, and across both disciplines, DS was the only 10 year old to be amongst the medalists! So his kata tally for this year, out of 3 tournaments, is two 1sts and a 2nd.

Oh, and the state team was announced and he has made both the kata and kumite teams! Not doing the state titles has cost him as far as placement of positions goes, but he is on the team nonetheless! He gets his team tracksuit this weekend which he is excited about.

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