Friday, January 20, 2012

Just turned 10 year olds and microwaves do not mix

The other day I spotted my son with cooking chocolate in the kitchen and asked what he was doing - "Nothing". I asked if he needed help - "Nope". Stupidly I went about my business and got sidetracked, as you do. Some time later (5.16 minutes precisely - thanks to my dibber-dobber mathematically gifted other son) there was a commotion as "chocolate son" remembered he was using the microwave. The enticing aroma of burnt chocolate/melted plastic - accompanied by a smoky haze  - greeted us when we opened the microwave. Did I mention he put it on high too? He was hoping to make chocolate ninjas - I'd bought him some cookie cutters (apparently interchangable for chocolate moulds) in the shape of karate ninjas for his birthday.

Note to self: Fully supervise kids around the microwave. And find some safe holiday activities for them :-)
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Vicky said...

Lesson learnt by all, but dobber could have dobbed earlier LOL

Chars said...

Reminds me of when my daughter decided that she was going to thaw a slice of bread for 10 mins - we had to throw the microwave as it was so badly burnt!