Saturday, December 17, 2011

Some finishes to share :-)

Finally I have some stitching I can share! These 2 finishes are hand towels I made for each of DS #2's school teachers. Both teachers have young kids and they job share so they can work part time - Mrs
Juarez on Monday & Tuesday, Mrs Havelberg on Thursday & Friday and they alternate each Wednesday. Every year I know I'll probably
stitch something for the school teachers, but I always seem to leave it until the last minute then rush something just to get it done. This year was no different, I was true to form! Except I had 2 to do. I couldn't even stitch them at karate class (which is where I get a lot of projects completed) as one of his teachers has a son that does karate and I can never remember which classes he might be at. DS finds out his 2012 teacher on Tuesday, maybe I can start a project then for him/her? LOL. I also ordered personalised notepads for them too.
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