Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hot cocoa anyone?

I'd run out of the length of thread I was stitching with on my current project and couldn't find the skein of it, so decided just to start another project instead. Here's what I whipped up over 2 days.

  • Name of the design is hot cocoa.
  • Chart is a free design from sullivans floss, designed by Sue Hillis.
  • Fabric is 25 count white evenweave.
  • Thread is DMC cotton - the chart has a conversion for DMC on it.
  • Stitch count is 48 x 47 
  • Started on December 28th 2011.
  • Completed on December 29th 2011.  I turned this into a trivet for myself.  I thought I had one lying around, and the design was the right size for a trivet, so a trivet it became!

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1 comment:

Lee-Ann said...

you had me on your cocoa at this time of year and today going to be 32
nice finish