Monday, August 23, 2010

A lot can happen in a fortnight

Has it really been just a fortnight since we returned from the nationals in Sydney? The weekend after DS had another tournament, this time a combined club one. (Our club has several branches). We thought we should support it so DS entered kata and kumite, winning both! There were about 7 kids in kata and 4 in kumite. On the same day I had a calisthenics competition. We did well, all things considered, and would have gained 2nd in march if we'd had 8. We will have a full team in all items except one for the rest of the comps so fingers crossed we can work hard and improve in all items.

Then last Monday I learnt that a little girl who was 6 months older than my youngest DS passed away. She had been fighting cancer for half her short life. She had just turned 9. I feel for her parents, as they have now lost 2 children. So sad!! I decided to go to the funeral even though I didn't know them well and it was a lovely tribute to her, with a pink coffin, pink balloons and bubbles to blow as the hearse passed afterwards.

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