Monday, August 2, 2010

Finally, A Craft Finish!

The black, burgundy and pink scarf is finally finished, and actually looks like a scarf should! And, I've even worn it in public without getting strange looks ;-) Here it is:

I actually finished it a few weeks ago but have been pretty flat out so haven't posted pics. After I finished the scarf, I started back up on my Christmas WIP, but haven't done a great deal.  Here's the latest pic:
I've also been madly taking up DS's new karate gi. I had to buy a new one after the last one was incorrectly taken up (by a professional) and I was told he may be disqualified. I have taken it up and adjusted it so many times, I barely have any skin left on my fingers. I have been hand sewing through 3 layers of 14oz fabric, one of which was a chunky cuff. If I ever have to take another gi up, I'll scream!! We fly out for the Nationals in 3 days time, fingers crossed DS performs well and is happy with his efforts.

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