Monday, October 5, 2009

Another karate tournament for DS

And this time we made it on time, despite leaving later than I'd hoped, an unscheduled toilet stop and then not being able to get back onto the freeway! I wasn't quite sure how he would go at this tournament, as he seemed to forget all his katas and get them mixed up when we were practicing over the school holidays. Once there he went through them all and he was fine. There were a total of 13 competitors, and he made the final again, against the same kid who beat him last time. (Last time DS lost 0-3). This time around he lost 1-3, but worked really well. He didn't get quite so far in his sparring this time, losing out in the second round 1-2. He did fight well, it was just his opponent scored a little better. The boy who won kata also won sparring. (both this time and last time). His next tournament is the end of October, a 3 person team event at his club. Then the next one will be in the new year, when he joins the "big kids" and reality, with only the top 3 placegetters winning trophies/medals.

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