Monday, September 28, 2015

It's been a while....... :-/

I have been incredibly quiet here on my blog, for one good reason. Facebook. Not an intentional move away from my blog, just a gradual transition as I find it easier to keep up with things all in one convenient place. It seems to have been months since I've been here, but not much has changed. Still working, still driving kids around (although the eldest is now 18 and driving himself in his own car!), still crafting. The crafting has changed a bit though. I am still stitching (and have a few finishes to blog about), but card making has been making quite an appearance. I find it quite appealing putting together a finish in as little as 10 minutes. Speaking of card finishes, I'll post a few more here. Again, many are for sale on my facebook page.

This one was for my mum's 80th birthday

A card for my niece

A card for my niece's 21st birthday

A personalised card, made to order
Some karate themed thank-you cards

Another personalised card for a young wrestling fan

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