Saturday, July 19, 2014

No-sew cube x 3!

I have a few more finishes to show, all no-sew cubes. The first one was a gift for hubby's niece. It's a "Sofia The First" design, not that I had heard of her before I knew she liked Sofia. Nothing a little googling can't fix though, and I found myself a pattern and off I went. Here it is:

I don't have details of the this one but it didn't take much googling to find it, but I chopped off the bottom half to make it fit. I finished it with some pink trim and some Sofia ribbon that I got on another facebook de-stash page. I bought some iron on letters and stuck them on the back, spelling out her name. It's stitched on white opalescent evenweave fabric using DMC cotton.

The next one is a cube for the niece's twin brother. He loves Minecraft, which is on my radar due to my son's love of the game. Again google was my friend and I found this design:

My son loved it too, so I made 2 exactly the same so he could have one for himself. No point adding another picture exactly the same though. I also used the iron on letters to add their names on the back. This was stitched on white opalescent evenweave with DMC cotton. The fabric is just a mottled green and the minecraft ribbon I found online too.

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sharine said...

They are both great!