Friday, April 12, 2013

Pansy tuck ornament is done

This project was a bit of a pain. I have had the pattern saved for ages and then I got this tuck ornament a while back and knew it would be perfect for it. The problem is the pattern printed out blurry and whatever I did I couldn't make it clear enough to read. Therefore I started searching the internet again for the free pattern and found it, only to discover it was uploaded that way. I emailed the magazine company that uploaded it but never got a response. Therefore I went to my go-to message board for all things cross stitch - and many other things too - 123stitch. "Luvxstch", a member there, was able to help me as she had the chart. Again it wasn't perfectly clear but clear enough for me to fudge it and make it work. I kind of made up my own backstitching as it was quite messy too. Here's the final result:

  • Name of the design, well I don't think it had one but I called it "pansy"
  • Chart was a freebie found here, I initially tried to stitch one of the 3 free designs, but this one actually came from the cushion
  • Fabric is a random off cut of hand dyed mottled mauve evenweave fabric. The tuck ornament came from Amy 
  • Thread is regular DMC cotton
  • Stitch count is about 24 x 23
  • Started on 10th of April 2013
  • Completed on 11th of April 2013

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Carissa said...

Very pretty, I have a couple of freebie pansy designs I want to stitch as they remind me of my Grandma who's gone now.