Friday, April 6, 2012

Stash Blowout

I recently heard about a massive sale on Imaginating charts at Colours Down Under - they were going for just $1 each! In fact, the sale is currently still on if you're interested. I bought 10 charts, and with $6.35 shipping, I paid a whopping $16.35. Bargain! I calculated the original price of all the charts and it came to $87.35, a saving of $77.35. Can't blame me for buying up big, can you?

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sharine said...

All awesome charts. I love the snowmen chart.

Rachel said...

I love some of these!I went and looked, and quite frankly, I think you showed amazing restraint!! I am still trying to figure out if they ship to the U.S. and if so, how much it is...LOL..Thanks for sharing the info!