Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Victorian Karate Championships

The state titles were on last Saturday, and we needed to leave home at 6.30am, not my idea of fun. I woke DS up at 6 (he readily got up, excitement will do that! I wish he was excited for school every morning) and we were out the door, eating breakfast in the car. I was tired, having gone to bed at 11.30pm because of last minute alterations to his gi. Do you know how hard it is to properly iron a 14oz gi? Especially when you're tired, having a mini meltdown and stressed to the max about the length of the pants? Do you also know that if the cotton setting isn't getting the creases out, you shouldn't - under any circumstances - up the heat to linen? Ask me how I know this. I managed to wake a few times during the night and woke for the day at about 5.15am. Yay! Did I mention I'm soooo not a morning person?

Anyway - DS's event was on first and he seemed OK, not too nervous or anything. Of course I didn't let him know this was an important tournament, he didn't need the pressure. I literally did all the stressing for him, I was sooo nervous in the week leading up to it, LOL. There were a total of 8 competitors so a nice even round with no byes. He won the first round 3-0 flags, then moved on to the second round where he also won 3-0 flags. This meant he made the finals, so was guaranteed a silver or gold medal. At that point I was ecstatic, I really didn't care which colour his medal was going to be. He had set himself a realistic target of top 4, meaning he'd win a medal because of the repechage system, so he blew that goal out of the water. In the end he also won the final 3-0 flags, so didn't concede a flag in all 3 rounds!! He didn't even realise he'd won the tournament, when his coach told him he was gobsmacked, LOL. Therefore it looks like he's made the state team for the Nationals in Sydney in August, which he is mega excited about. I thought he might struggle this year, being as though it's 8 and 9 year olds (he's recently turned 8) but he did it. All the other medalists were 9 years old I think.

Here's a pic of the medal, it's a nice heavy weight one too:

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Sandy said...

Fantastic :) Huge congratulations to your DS.